Intercounty Softball Association (ISA) is a non-profit organization that administrates the ability for small town communities, in south-western Ontario to play organized amateur softball. ISA believes in protecting and promoting the mutual interests of the members. ISA consists of volunteers who meet 3 times a year to determine the playing fields of the future. ISA is a travelling house league.

AGM = Next Meeting to be held on Sunday February 24th  1:30 pm Elora Legion.

                                      Spring Meeting Sunday April 14th 2019 1:30  Elora Legion   Team registrations                       Fall Meeting Sunday September 15th 1:30  Elora Legion   Year end results 



Treasurer’s report

Election of President and Treasurer… Please contact if you are interested in joining the executive

Return of any division trophies and medallions.

Review of proposed rule changes – Any proposals are to be submitted to & BEFORE OCTOBER 31, 2018.  No late submissions will be considered.

Payment of missed meeting bonds will be due prior to centre being eligible to vote at the February meeting. Centres will be notified if they owe$ prior to that date and can pay on day of meeting.

Conveners can put forth their request to host a division.

Thank you to all our conveners and hosting centres. Without you our players would not have a league to play in. Your time and energy is greatly appreciated.